Thursday, March 02, 2006

Derrick Engebretson

Derrick Engebretson was last wearing:

Green hooded sweatshirt (Route 66)
Blue snow pants (levi's under)
Black snow gloves (Goose bumps)
Size 7 snow boots
Derrick was also carrying a hatchet

James Frank Milligan is my prime suspect. For complete information on Mr. Milligan go to Protect Your KiDs and find out everything about Derricks case including Mr. Milligan. Read about Derricks parents and how they have never given up their search for little Derrick. Learn how Milligan worked for the state, recently confessed and recanted the entire confession.. The police gave up on Derrick only a year after he went missing. I had the opportunity to meet Derricks parents and conduct an underwater search to break "lost in the woods" theory. In my opinion we successfully determined he was and is not on that mountain. He was abducted.. Abducted and murdered by Frank James Milligan.... Read the full story and theories at Protect Your KiDs forum.


Blogger melonie said...

thats one powerful opening blog mister

5:44 PM

Blogger Nixon's Place said...

I'm very emotional about this case sorry all. I just want to do anything and everything possible to help end the Engebretsons suffering.. They still have the Christmas tree up from when he went missing... His presents are still unopened under the tree.

6:24 PM

Blogger melonie said...

It wasnt a criticism. I applaud your conviction.

I'ld also love to see more pictures of these sick bastards plastered ALL over the place.

god bless.

8:21 AM

Blogger Nixon's Place said...

Thank you! I would love for a large network show to pick this story up! There are so many possibilities these days but still nothing..

9:23 AM


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