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FOR SALE 1964 MCI-5A Converted

1964 MCI-5A Converted in 2002,8v71-4 speed, auto steering, roof raised, new
windows, appliances, Prego floor, oak cabinets, 4,000 watt genny, 2 roof airs, queen bed, flex steel furniture, Grants Pass, OR

Nixon Web Design

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MISSING IN OREGON Derrick Engebretson

We have been involved in Derrick Engebretson's case for some time now. We have done land and water searches looking for evidence to prove little Derrick Engebretson didn't get lost on Pelican butte. To this day nothing has ever been found, no clothes, no hatchet, no remains, nothing...

This brings us to an individual named Frank James Milligan. Through extensive research we found the link between this man and Derrick Engebretson. At the time, Mr. Milligan drove a 1998 Black Honda which was spotted in the area of Derricks disappearance just before he went missing. at the time, Mr. Milligan was employed by The State of Oregon counseling trouble juveniles. At the time, Mr. Milligan had already committed sodomy and attempted murder of a 10 year old Salem boy.


Mr. Milligan drove a 1998 black Honda. The car WAS searched by LE during the investigation of the Salem boy's case with nothing found pertaining to Derricks case. Mr. Milligan's car was spotted in the area of Derricks disappearance at the time of Derricks disappearance by multiple witnesses.


Mr. Milligan was employed by the State of Oregon as a Troubled Juvenal councilor. Mr. Milligan often traveled across Oregon counseling troubled juveniles including locations such as Burns, Salem, Portland, etc..


On July 2, 1999 Milligan was arrested for sexually molesting an 11-year-old boy in 1997 to whom he had become a "father figure."
His bail was set at $250,000. His mother posted the bail and he was released from jail.

In March of 2000, the prosecutors asked the court to revoke Milligan's bail for associating with children. The judge refused to return Frank Milligan to jail.

On July 14, 2000 Frank Milligan pled guilty to one count of sex abuse, and two counts of attempted sodomy.

On July 11, 2000, a 10-year-old Oregon boy was abducted from a park. His throat was slashed when he resisted the abductor's attempts to fondle him. He was dumped under some bushes in a field near Salem, and left for dead. The boy survived his injuries and flagged down a passing motorist who took him to the hospital.

On August 09, 2000, Frank Milligan was arrested.

On August 11, 2000 Milligan was charged with kidnapping, sex abuse, and attempted aggravated murder for his attack of the 10-year-old boy.

Milligan received a 6 year and three month sentence for the sex abuse conviction on the 11-year-old boy.

In August Of 2001, Frank Milligan pleaded guilty to kidnapping, sexual abuse and attempted murder for the attack on the 10-year-old boy. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

That sentence will begin after he serves the six year sentence for the sexual abuse of the 11-yr-old boy.

Further research by law enforcement showed Milligan had owned books on serial killers John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and others. He stalked children in e-mails pretending to be a 13-year-old boy and was found to collect child pornography.

Mr. Milligan is currently incarcerated for two different cases. Attempted murder and rape. Mr. Milligan has made a partial confession to Derricks murder but since has recanted. Mr. Milligan is leading LE to believe Derrick is dead and buried in the Burns Oregon area.

If you have any questions or further theories please post them here!

Caged Kids

Mother In 'Caged Kids' Case Says Cages Started As Fun.

Some of the special-needs children who slept in cage-like beds fitted with alarms had asked for the structures to be built, their adoptive mother testified at a custody hearing.Huron County Juvenile Prosecutor Jennifer DeLand said the Gravelles have refused a court order to undergo psychological testing. She presented documents from the Gravelles' first adoption home study that she said proved the couple had lied about previous abuse allegations and investigations by a child protective agency in Lorain County, where they used to live.Sharen Gravelle testified Wednesday that she and her husband Michael built bunk beds and attached a wooden playhouse the family called a club house for some of the children's toys. The other children then requested them and the couple felt the brightly painted beds enclosed with wood and wire helped keep them from getting into trouble at night, she said.The couple have pleaded not guilty to several charges, including child endangerment, in a separate criminal case. The custody hearing was scheduled to resume Thursday. Prosecutors accuse the couple of locking some of their 11 adopted children in cages to discipline them, and want Huron County to take permanent custody them. The children have been in foster care since the enclosed beds were discovered last fall. The Gravelles are fighting to regain custody. They deny abusing their adopted children, ages 1 to 15, and say the beds were necessary to protect the youngsters, who suffered from various psychological and behavioral problems. Under questioning by her attorney, Ken Myers, Sharen Gravelle said that when the children became older they acted up more, including escaping from their regular beds in the middle of the night to fetch knives from the kitchen or to punch each other. "They just didn't seem normal to me, I mean the behavior didn't and I didn't know what to do," she said. The mother said she sought help from Huron County social workers and received none. So she did research on the Internet and found Elaine Thompson, an independent licensed social worker also charged in the case. Gravelle said Thompson approved the beds and that at least one inspection for another adoption was done at the home in rural Wakeman about 60 miles west of Cleveland after the enclosures were built. Sharen Gravelle denied lying and said she had not seen the documents, although she acknowledged her and her husband's signatures were on the papers below a sworn statement that the information was true. Sharen Gravelle said she met her husband in 1986 at a dinner for a child sex abuse support group. She said she was attending because a relative had been molested. Michael Gravelle was there because he was accused of inappropriate touching, a charge he denies. The couple married two months later. The Gravelles are charged with child endangering, falsifying adoption applications and lying under oath when becoming qualified for adoption funding. If convicted, they would face one to five years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine for each of 16 counts of felony child endangering.

Nixon's comments:
These people deserve each other and I hope they get the maximum time in jail. I cannot honestly believe how stupid people can be....

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Craig's brilliant creation:

Craig's brilliant creation has become one of the nation's best community-building websites

Pillbox |

Pittsburgh Portal

Like many cities around the world, Pittsburgh has its own section on the site. Although not as built-up as the San Francisco or New York City sections, the Pittsburgh section is growing. Like the rest of the site, the Pittsburgh part of Craigslist allows visitors to scan through sale advertisements, housing offers, and personal advertisements for potential romantic partners ? all at no cost. Before you find something or someone that you are interested in, the sellers? postings on personal advertisements and individual sale items can remain anonymous. However, when buyers are interested in a request or offer, they can begin to exchange information with sellers via e-mail. Similar to eBay?s trading policy, the site is only a market and does not directly give out individuals? contact information without their consent.

Although the Pittsburgh section of Craigslist was not added until November 2003, the site has already begun to gain a cultlike following in Pittsburgh. Bethany Rutter, a sophomore in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, has used Craigslist on several occasions. ?Craigslist is great considering that it?s so easy to find anything you want in Pittsburgh or any other city; and where else can you find free stuff, cheap stuff, furniture, books, jobs, discussion forums, housing, concert tickets, and even dates? Nowhere! Rutter has even received a free television from a local Pittsburgh resident on the site earlier this semester.

One of the first things that you will notice about Craigslist is the lack of annoying pop-up ads and banner ads, because the site is free for all house postings (except for listings in San Francisco). Another striking feature of the site is its simplistic layout. There are no frills; no flashy graphics, no innovative designs. Just the information you need at your fingertips and the power to connect to others in your community.

Geeky Good Guy

Craig is the kind of guy that a Carnegie Mellon girl could appreciate: nerdy but nice. In fact, the Los Angeles Times reported on June 13, 2004, in ?The Craigslist Phenomenon? that he ?wore a pocket protector and black-rimmed glasses, taped together? in high school. In the same interview with the Times, he later commented that ?when you grow up a nerd, you feel like an outsider. It pretty much always sticks with you.? Note to all Carngie Mellon nerds: being an outsider might stick with you, but it definitely doesn?t have to hold you back.

Craig is introverted, but has a heart much bigger than his wallet. He donates money to charities on a regular basis and has formed the Craigslist Foundation, which allows teachers to request school supplies at a discounted price. Although the site is no longer a non-profit, Craig?s mission of helping others has not changed.

Beyond being a generous guy, Craig refuses to be a sell-out to bigger corporations interested in buying to capitalize on its potential earning power. Forbes magazine reported in 2005 that the site brings in an estimated $7 million but also estimates that Craig only walks away with about $200,000 a year. As he explained to Wired in September 2004, ?When I think of the money one could make from all this, I get a little twinge. But I?m pretty happy with nerd values: Get yourself a comfortable living, then do a little something to change the world.?

Craig writes on Craigslist that he originally hoped to call the site ?sf-events,? but the site?s current name reflects just how down-to-Earth this guy really is. He?s definitely not about making money; in fact, he only charges for five percent of all job postings made on the site and has made the site ad-free since 1997.


The site lists its many goals to be ?giving each other a break; getting the word out about everyday; real-world stuff; restoring the human voice to the Internet; in a humane; non-commercial environment; keeping things simple; common-sense; down-to-earth; honest, very real; providing an alternative to impersonal, big-media sites;being inclusive; giving a voice to the disenfranchised; democratizing; and being a collection of communities with similar spirit, not a single monolithic entity.?

In a world of monopoly-building corporate mergers, shady business dealings, and Enron-esque scandals, it is definitely rare to see a person let alone an entire site dedicated to the preservation of ?giving each other a break.? In May 1995, the San Francisco Weekly named Craigslist the ?Best Example of Actual Community-Building Online? and in July 2001, the site picked up the title of ?Best Community Website Jury Prize? and ?Best Community Website People?s Voice? at the Webby Awards.

Love Listings

Whether you are looking for love or arm candy, Craigslist can pair you up with your perfect match. Currently, on the Pittsburgh section of Craigslist, there are well over 100 personal ads for every possible combination of companionship: man seeking woman, woman seeking man, man seeking man, and woman seeking woman. And since Pittsburgh is a notoriously bad place to be single, it might be worth your time to look into the ads.

One of the more sincere man-seeking-woman ads currently posted on the Pittsburgh site is a man ?looking for someone to keep me company once in a while, someone who I can depend on as a source of comfort, or something like that. Basically, I?ve been feeling a little lonely, and would like some company. We can take it from there. So e-mail me back if you?re interested, and let?s get this thing started.?

If you?re not looking to head down to the altar just yet, there are also those who just want to look cool with you by their side. Another Pittsburgh resident currently posting on the ?strictly platonic? section of the personal advertisement section is ?looking for someone who wants to walk at night and have a conversation. Around the streets or local track it doesn?t matter to me. I just love to walk and talk!?

Final Thoughts

Craigslist has grown from one man?s attempt to unite his city to an online community. Although Craig has passed on the title of CEO to Jim Buckmaster, 10 million people from all over the world continue to use the site each month. Craig and his cohorts have managed to keep their goal of providing users with ?a trustworthy, efficient, relatively non-commercial place for folks to find all the basics in their local area.? In June 2004, Time magazine reported that the site was one of the ?50 Coolest Websites,? and in April 2000 the Wall Street Journal named Craigslist the ?#1 most efficient U.S. job site.? Despite this success and the financial potential of his creation, Craig has managed to remain a normal, down-to-earth guy.

Craig?s creation is especially useful for students wishing to voice an opinion, buy cheap furniture, or find someone to take to a fraternity formal. Sure, Craig Newark could be sitting on his own private island, drinking a Corona, and lighting his cigars with hundred-dollar bills. Instead, he still works long hours at his office and probably cringes when tax day comes around. (Maybe he should post for someone to file his tax returns.) But more than being a useful site, Craigslist is one of the best examples of what happens when people refuse to sell out.

Are MMORPGs a disease?

Internet Gaming Addictions

John Stith
Staff Writer
Published: 2005-08-26

China just announced they are placing limits for playtime for their myriad online gamers. They've limited users to five hour periods after which they must take a five hour break. Internet gaming addiction is becoming a real problem in some places and people have died from this addiction.

Many times, in gaming magazines, when a game is reviewed, the addictiveness factor is discussed and sometimes used as part of the rating criteria. I certainly spent a great deal of time plugged into various Sid Meier creations over the years. But in recent weeks, a death in South Korea by an online gamer after playing for two days straight with little or no sleep, to the point giving up his job and some of the other pleasantries of life raised more than just a few eyebrows.

Back in 2001, a 21-year-old shot himself after playing Everquest 12 hours-a-day. He had quit his job, didn't see his family and was totally immersed in the popular online game. While many may blame poor child rearing for much of this peers play a much stronger factor in people's behavior than parents plus this gentlemen was a legal adult at 21 and living in his own apartment. His mother blames the game but has no way to find out exactly what happened.

China has been studying online game addiction for sometime, having released much research on the matter in recent months. They have been encouraging the online gaming as a growth industry for the nation, having seen the $500 million in sales in 2004 alone.

The online gaming industry is shaping up to be a strong, multibillion-dollar-a-year industry. Just yesterday, Disney and Sony announced a partnership for their own, online gaming aimed at children and families. It has also become quite obvious though that these games can easily go too far an AP story pointed out that Internet café owners say these gamers in South Korea do all their eating and sleeping in the cafés. They'll get changes of clothes at home and some other menial things but for the most part, all their spare time seems to be spent at these cafés doing the online gaming.

Perhaps the more important questions here come where the responsibility lies for these tragedies. Are these purely just personal screwups with some people obviously having problems or should these game companies exercise encourage users to take a break from these games occasionally and actually go to sleep, eat, shower etc. There are far too many similarities here for the addiction term not to be used and addictions are generally considered diseases.

Are MMORPGs a disease?

Derrick Engebretson

Derrick Engebretson was last wearing:

Green hooded sweatshirt (Route 66)
Blue snow pants (levi's under)
Black snow gloves (Goose bumps)
Size 7 snow boots
Derrick was also carrying a hatchet

James Frank Milligan is my prime suspect. For complete information on Mr. Milligan go to Protect Your KiDs and find out everything about Derricks case including Mr. Milligan. Read about Derricks parents and how they have never given up their search for little Derrick. Learn how Milligan worked for the state, recently confessed and recanted the entire confession.. The police gave up on Derrick only a year after he went missing. I had the opportunity to meet Derricks parents and conduct an underwater search to break "lost in the woods" theory. In my opinion we successfully determined he was and is not on that mountain. He was abducted.. Abducted and murdered by Frank James Milligan.... Read the full story and theories at Protect Your KiDs forum.


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